Tuesday 23 September 2008

Why Catholics are meant to take communion on the tongue

(Tridentine SA c.f. EWTN- case for communion on the tongue) While the church permitted bishops in areas where it already occurred- to allow communion on the hand- the mass use of this practice in the modern era is an abuse- and endanger the loss of respect for the sacrament-

The church itself sets forth as the norm- the way people should take communion- as communion on the tongue.

When we go to church- often we are unaware of so many doctrinal points- such as the necessity of this doctrine- or the fact we are not permitted by the official doctrines or works of Mother church to hold hands during the our father- or many of these other things-

The Latin mass truly is our heritage- not so much as in that it preserves these images that give us respect for God- but in as much as Vatican II actually desired the beloved Novus Order- to be said in Latin in most cases.

A good site on what should happen in mass- recommended by Catholic culture is-


The strict rubrics and procedures of the Tridentine mass- often ensure obedient following- even so- we truly wish more people would practice the NO mass more in line with the desires of the church- remember- you are there to pray- to worship- not to hear a man speak!

The spirit of the Lord- is in the utmost details of our obedience- and cannot be the being behind any disobedience- truly- what does not gather scatters- and what is not from God- does not gather- for evil does not result in good-

Fidelity to our wondrous desert dry public worship- to the very detail of every word of truth- is our way in salvation- whether Novus Order, or Tridentine- we must most perfectly perform every action- and with our entire being worship and manifest the Truth- our God- always demonstrating in body language and respect exactly whom we worship!

In fact- communion on the hand- emerged again with the protestants who rejected the real presence- and took it on the hand to symbolically show this:


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  1. The problem is that many Catholics and Clergy secretly dont believe in the "Real Prescence" and transsubstatiation for that matter.Lack of respect,and reverence to the Holy Sacrament is rife since Vatican Two


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