Monday 29 September 2008

Are some Protestants Catholic supremasists?

(Journey In a Broken World; Creative Minority Report)

Article By Marc Aupiais

(c.f. note)

Creative Minority report is reporting a marked decrease over recent years in "Catholic Triumphalism", with a decrease in Catholic prophesies of large areas united under the faith, and ironic increase in this among specific protestant groups- markedly those with anti-catholic agendas.

Recent losses by Catholics- have resulted in bleak outlooks of the future by many, as well as the lack of Catholic Nationalist prophesies by specific nations.

While many believe that the presence of the protestant churches is a sign of their speed in reproducing new organizations- or purely from natural causes such as fear of Rome, or advertising, and humanistic societal causes- personally I believe that like all "Material heresies" (official designation of Protestantism by the "Ecclesiam" names it a "Material Heresy", and "Material Schism"), Protestantism was allowed by God to aid in either clarifying and molding Catholic muscles- in combating it- or in order to cure a weakness in the church. If we can cure the weaknesses in the church- with prayer we should again assume our role as Mother church. I firmly believe that the Protestant "material Schism", is not a lack of catechism- but a manifestation of a wound in the church. Surely- if we were operating in complete health- the message and truth, and manifestation would permiate beyond borders of fear and independantism to a greater degree. Surely- this opposition is because we do not manifest the truth as we should- even as schism, as Saint Paul says in the bible- is evil and therefore of the devil- in this we realize- that every schism allows us to look in the mirror- and see which under-emphasized element of our truth has been twisted by our enemies- so as to satisfy that which has been abused into Schisms in the body- and cure them by watering the plant below the heresy- which has been twisted slightly or much- based on our own weakness in manifesting adequately the truth!

If indeed, as I even used to believe- the only separator of Christians is pride- then we are accusing those responsible of mortal sin. In any case- when I say heresy and schism- I mean from the Catholic doctrinal perspective- material refers to a physical reality- this by no means makes those following it automatically guilty- this requires knowledge and choice- for this reason the Vatican has determined to emphasize many similarities between our separated faiths through Ecumenism. I only hope my fellows in such would also aim nobly as I hope they are- to the reunification on Mother Church!

Note: This article does not intend any insult to other faiths- all definitions are Catholic Theological Definitions, and refer to one's relationship purely with the Roman Apostolic Catholic Faith, currently under Pope Benedict XVI, and neither insinuate guilt, nor are intended in any manner outside of Ecclesiastical meanings. We greatly respect our fellow Christians and by no means have any intent of any form of accusation- or harm towards any protestant reader, or any non-Catholic. please inform us if you are offended by this article- and suggest better ways to phrase the same opinion. We also fully support efforts of ecumenism- and clarification of beliefs between all major religions, while also showing definite lines of disagreement.

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