Thursday 18 September 2008

Could the ANC split and other issues!

This is not an endorsement of either camp in the ANC, nor a statement of guilt- 
Facts based on articles in The Star, and Mail and Guardian, and interpretation.

(Scripturelink Voters Guide)With rumors that the ANC will suspend Mr President Mbeki's membership so as to get those loyal to the ZUMA camp into office prior the election- or to quote their sources- because a judge investigating charges against mr ZUMA, determined to make allegations about the cabinate and Mr Mbeki- which have been used to justify the Zuma camp of the ANC- and has resulted in some press houses suddendly becomming quiet- as others continue to tell the story they always have been telling.

A split could emerge from this sort of action- which would be good for the opposition- especially because of the ties the ANC- especially the NEC has to the communist party- something which forces Catholics to vote opposition already- even without their support for abortion and other issues.

The acting itself- in a Party run democracy may well go ahead- as many of these issues have without any real power protesting.

South African Catholics should join the Vatican in her explicit rejection and choice to appose communism in every area.

Further we must pray continually for our own protection in an increasingly unstable nation.

We must further inform our fellows about the voting requirements- and remember to pray.

Governments are by nature sought by those seeking power- it is the job of the Catholic- to be a watchdog over every institution he aids- least he participate in their sins by silence.

For this reason we must pray for God's will triumphant- and inform our fellows of our political views- as politics, and every realm of life has impact over religious matters.

God Bless,

Marc Aupiais

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