Sunday 28 September 2008

Helen Zille- in charge of the Democratic Alliance (DA) - praises Catholic organization

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. Southern Cross (Fidelity issues discovered, link shows our retraction of using their news); Catholic Culture)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The leader of South Africa's DA, Helen Zille- according to the Southern Cross, has praised the Catholic Women's League- for their part in the Church, and in moulding democracy in positive directions. This was at the 25th annual CWL conference banquet in applicable areas.

She reminded the Organization of its own fallibility, and said this was a basic evolutionary part of democracy- the admittal that persons can make mistakes and operate within "checks and balances" (Southern Cross article).

More controversial aspects of the 77 year old South African Branch's international Organization- are noted by Catholic Culture in a separate article (Article by Catholic Culture), such as supporting a pro-"choice" (pro killing unborn children), pro-homosexuality march in Canada- along with other organizations. The march also was in support of "women's rights", as we have no further information on it- we have only spoken of the problems we see in the actions of their Canadian branch, many of whose members were shocked at the march against life, which stipulated itself as such.

The DA has been campaigning as the largest South African Opposition party, for a while now- aiding poor people with needed necessities and had partaken in other actions. Helen Zille- who left the ANC for the DA, near the beginning of our Democracy- to apparently help ensure a balance of power in Democracy- is a noted opposition figure, and mayor of Cape Town, where it seems the meeting took place.

She went to Saint Mary's as a child, however, Helen Zille's religion is uncertain to us at the moment.

Basically- we see this as an endorsement of a Catholic Organization by the Mayor of Cape Town.

The Catholic Women's League's home page in South Africa is

Their main purpose seems to be charity. They are endorsed by the South African Bishops Conference.

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