Wednesday 24 September 2008

We have to support the right media, and show the world the truth as is!

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa)
commentary by Marc Aupiais

So often- we see it- things we know as true- portrayed otherwise- and more- people mimic what they see and hear.

With so much bad- it is learnt of others- with so much good- we must refine it.

The weapon we are given is dynamic- but stable- to the untrained- it is deadly and like a whip or many martial weapons- it can hurt us more than it hurts others if not wielded adequately.

The Catholic is a master of truth- or rather- a conduit for Her power-

When we see any form of media- what is said has slight hinting- which alters us if we allow alteration- our social conscience is molded by what we see- and we sense this if we view different media with different persons- not only is truth objective- but the viewer is oft influenced by experience- and ideals of others.

To influence for good- we must fight for truth in every nook and cranny- and through every inch of time- we must secretly conquer the enemy-

Christians must become the creative minority they were born to become-

the Spartan Warriors- who are like calm masters of form- who control themselves first- and let their form be molded by intuitive truth- and the urge for reality- we must open ourselves to sorrow and joy- so that in both- hope is blown into existence in this storm of our existence.

What is instilled in the home- is so powerful- and we must fight this battle to our last breath- what is instilled by others also has impact- yet in even the nuances of speech- of medias- we must fight for the value of life- and of existence and of seeing reality as it is.

Those who fight the small battles for truth- often are able to fight titanic monstrosities- all the while swirling truth about as a hidden weapon- and springing like a tiger, or wild animal- with that energy below the visible boundary- so as to teach truth- and dispel falsity and false world-view.

Our world-view is the front on which our soul is won- this is what we mean when we say faith saves- the correct view of reality- is paramount to navigating this ocean we find ourselves barely visible against- as we sail the impossibility of the hurricane of life.

We must protect this- and mold it- so as to better channel the saints triumphant- and our God- Reality (a Translation of the Tetragrammaton)- who is truth himself, whose strands we rely on to lift us and move us in our floating dance of truth!

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