Wednesday 24 September 2008

"Planned Parenthood" plans to decimate Filipenes population for profit

(Social Justice South Africa ;c.f. Zenit News)

Article by Marc Aupiais

"Planned Parenthood" are known for what EWTN hosts often name a disinformation campaign in the United States- where "Planned Parenthood" not only makes millions of dollars yearly by the deaths of unborn children- and via sales of contraceptives- but also- ironically for being allowed to teach Sexual Education- despite this conflict of interest.

"International Planned Parenthood" is planning to help Filipino legislators enforce contraception, and a possible limit of two children a couple- on their citizens- with proposed jail terms for those apposing these efforts.

"Planned Parenthood"- like the American "Democrats" are known for their "pro-choice" policies, and the way these benefit their own interests. "Planned Parenthood"'s Sexual Education talks have been lambasted by EWTN radio presenters- for being much less successful than Catholic, and other programs which teach these subjects- this is not unsupported by statistics. This new sickening attack on Human dignity will not go without guilt-

These attrocities must be prevented as best as viable. Especially as UN money is being used for many of these purposes

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