Thursday 25 September 2008

Persecution of Christians in India continues... Authorities gag nuns

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa ;c.f. Vultus Christi;

While militant groups continue unopposed, and not denounced- to ravage Indian Christian populants- threatening violence- unless they sign that they have freely and of their own will converted to Hinduism- the Indian Government has gaged the Sisters of Charity (Mother Theressa's organization) from speaking of their recent arrest by Police on trumped up kidnapping charges. While their persecutors are marching to the streets against them- they themselves have been silenced- as the Indian government continues to deny armed protection to those suffering these terrorist mops' attacks on Christians. Christian refugee camps- still are not protected- and Christians are still being killed- their houses burnt, and their hair shaved off.

These brutish attacks on human dignity continue to be unopposed in the UN, whose involvement in legislature to try force contraception and abortion on the Philippines, along with an abortion company - is still questionable.

Those who do "convert" are forced to burn others houses- and where authorities are paying for the goods of burnt houses- the mobs now simply take the furniture and refurbishments- so as to prevent recovery of damage!

Mother Theressa protected the poor- these terrorists, without great opposition- are trying to take all wealth from her fruits- and to destroy their salvation in Christ, and their human rights!

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