Saturday 27 September 2008

90% of JHB Archdiocese Catholics in the substance of Mortal sin, and lack of priests?

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Statistics apparently from the recent Synod- say only 100 000 of the 1 000 000 Catholics in the Archdiocese regularly attend mass- as not attending mass on purpose is a mortal sin- this is very serious.

Some parishes only can have communion once every three months-

This is because of a shortage of priests- our local seminary has had to close large sections- and two schools have become one.

What's the problem- well- we think people need to stop watering down the faith- or lying about the seriousness of sin- if people knew they would go to hell for certain actions, many wouldn't do as they do...

Sadly- often the culprits are representatives of the church- and the diocese, to whom we have sent twice reports of misuse of authority- does not usually respond well- we have even been told to join in, having reported an incident- when on holiday I and another attended a mass where the priest encouraged the parish to commit an abuse of the mass, and also sang happy birthday to a parishioner (a seemingly common event).

One of our foundational doctrines is Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Sallus- outside the sacraments and the church- there is no salvation- except to those who for no fault of their own are not actively in union with the Divine teachings of the church! We are told to attend mass on sundays and days of obligation- and to attend confession yearly.

The issue is grave and until we determine to halt our politically correct talk- or stop the craziness of not preaching, or at least speaking of our religion- a secular value- disobedient to the gospel- we will continue to see short ques at confession- and lax Catholicism at church. God is in the detail- not some sketchy outline- when we gain respect for our ancestors who burnt heretics at the stake- perhaps we realize how important the immortal soul is- we only have one- while our body will be replaced after death.

I don't advocate burning anyone- that only can happen when a just Authority asks for it- and usually when that is that in charge of the land- and I don't say it is any solution- my real point is that we need to clearly preach our religion- to read the bible and catechism as a family at night- and to debate like anything about our beliefs- until such time as we promoted the faith boldly- and decide- not to spare the nation of our values- but to cement them in law- and in vocal objections to immorality- with insistence not to permit evil people to get away with public scandal-

Until we choose to rise as one- and rid our land of the yoke of ignorance- we will continue to hell preaching the secular humanist Philosophy - "don't judge- forgive", rather than the Catholic one- "forgive your brother 77 times a day if he truly repents and asks genuinely for forgiveness- otherwise- treat those who offend against the church- those who call themselves Christians- but aren't- as foreigners..."

Now we treat these people with love- but the bible shows that sometimes love is to tell them they are in sin- and to encourage change by any means possible... Of course- due to business needs and other things- and the nature of the world- we do need to associate with these people- but it does not mean we neglect judging- and truly letting them know the requirements for their salvation!

The Church Militant exists to preach the gospel- to administer the Sacraments- and to manifest glory and bring its members their due.

Judge not the church with the world's eyes- judge the world as the spiritual man- who the bible says "judges all things!", especially within the church!

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