Sunday 18 May 2014

North Korea has discovered the ability to resurrect the dead...

In ancient times a man named Lazarus was raised from the dead. Despite being buried and gone, he strode the earth again for a while.

It seems myth and truth have once again become entangled and intertwined in North Korea, a place of myth, a place of obscure war fog, which is difficult to peer within at the best of times.

Hyon Song-wyol is a regular modern day Lazarus. A year ago she was dead, killed by a state organised firing squad in North Korea, for that evil sin of pornography. By the magic of the morning sunshine, she is back and praising her alleged ex beau: Mr Kim Jong-un. Rumour had it that they had had a bit of a fling, just the two of them. Rumour South Korean Intelligence and news media reported that Kim Jong-un had had his sweetheart savagely executed by a wall of bullets. Her reappearance as a propaganda tool on North Korean state television has not met a response from the South Korean media, or the Western propaganda depots, which were so quick to avoid fact checking the story. One can only stand here quite baffled that reports of her death are a tad exaggerated, or perhaps Kim has come across the power of the ancient deity. The alternative being that it could be old video footage or worse yet a lookalike or computer generated graphics...

What is perhaps the less mystical explanation is to say that media across the West: were all to quick to become harbingers of another person's ruin.

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