Thursday, 12 April 2012

Reasons to stick with Blackberry

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Reasons to stick with Blackberry
Despite Weak Internet, Bugs, and issues, I certainly am not changing any time soon, with good reason

Blackberry is still very good with internet and communication, and on security. It is the only platform safe from surveillance. No government has yet to crack the BBM or Enterprise email encryption of Blackberry (note the email requires an enterprise server, the BBM does not). Blackberry is focusing on social and communication, and dedicated stores, it is not abandoning its customers, but returning to its roots. Blackberry may be bought by Microsoft in the future: again, emphasis on industrial standards in that statement.

to quote one review of the Tablet I choose, Blackberry makes a good system, and good, secure software, for a good price, even if it does not have a cult following or too many apps you can get online anyway:

PC Advisor magazine | 'Which is the best tablet: iPad, Android, or BlackBerry? Expert buying advice on tablet computers ' by Orestis Bastounis at 12 April 2012

"RIM’s 7-inch Blackberry PlayBook is an inexpensive alternative to an Android tablet or iPad. The cheapest PlayBook costs only £169, but is well-built and powerful enough to perform most tasks.

The recent update (version 2.0) added a much-needed email client and is far more polished than before. The combination of the operating system and hardware is surprisingly good considering the low price.

The 7in form factor means the PlayBook is lighter and easier to carry than a 10in tablet. Scrolling and zooming on web pages is smooth and the interface is responsive and easy to use. The screen is excellent, and the Blackberry App World store has some good software to try out.

But RIM is a far smaller player in tablets than either Google or Apple, and far fewer PlayBooks have been sold, which puts it lower on developers' lists. This is why there's a smaller selection of apps, and there’s a small chance that the firm will follow HP’s lead and choose not to continue developing the PlayBook in the future.

Read more:"

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