Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Would you desire to write for a Catholic Academic Journal Type Publication?


To whom it may concern,

Would you desire to write for a Catholic Academic Journal Type Publication?

Since about August 2010, the SACNS main news site, has had +- 100 000 page views. We have been operating since 2007. We have 160 Facebook fans, and similar numbers on other networks. We are now looking to expand into the publication of academic thought, in a peer reviewed manner.

This means, we would need both articles from academics and professionals, in their fields, as well as individuals to peer review them and help organize such a journal.

The SACNS, under the auspices of South African Co-Editor and Founder of the service, Marc Evan Aupiais, would like to gauge, whether or not there would be enough interested parties: in the submitting of, and peer reviewing of academic, researched to academic standards, or informed and research based field specific opinions, on science, health, research, technology, ethics, law, politics, theology, canon law, morality, Etcetera, for the creation of either an online or physical journal of for a working name, which could change: Journal of Southern African Catholic Researched Academic Intelligent Thought (JOSACRAIT), or similar type publication.

Whether taking the form of C-Fam, or First Things, or whether taking the form of a journal such as is common in specialities, is uncertain, this is just a request to gauge response. Also, I would very much like to be able to start to set such an initiative up, with those who would be interested in aiding its creation.

Marc Evan Aupiais,
SACNS Founding Co-Editor, South Africa news Editor.

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