Thursday, 12 April 2012

South Africa not one of the 6 biggest arms dealers...


A reply to some spin by Amnesty International Australia April 12 2012 Google Plus!

South Africa not one of the 6 biggest arms dealers...
And here I thought our supplying North Korea radar, and Libya surveillance equipment to capture dissidents had gotten us a prize :'(. At least we supply the most mercenaries and rogue nuclear scientists of anyone:)!~

My comment: "Where's South Africa, we want the Prize :'( We export arms, to North Korea, to Libya... We deserve listing too... See, that's why no one likes Amnesty International... they don't give credit where it's due!"

In other news... don't those counties also push abortion, and some of them, gay marriage (against democracy) on other countries...? Doesn't Amnesty International push abortion on countries... ? doesn't that negatively affect the economy and risk collapse?

Population decline, not population increase is the real problem, so please stop supporting abortion, Amnesty!:
Amnesty International Australia originally shared this post:
Just 6 countries supply a whopping 74% of the world's weapons! Tell the US, the world's biggest arms exporter, to stop sending weapons to human rights abusers -->

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