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Radio Veritas to start broadcasting at 576 AM frequency live on Easter Sunday

(SACNS Africa News)

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Radio Veritas to start broadcasting at 576 AM frequency live on Easter Sunday
The radio had for years tried to get a frequency, and was only broadcasting over Satellite (Via Digital Satellite Television / DSTV audio 170 channel) and the Internet, it is Dominican and associated with the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference

Radio, veritas, which started broadcasting over the internet in September 2005, have been attempting since at least before then for a licence. With Digital standards hitting South Africa, the government has been allowing more and more specialist radio services to broadcast.

And so, to quote the excited Dominicans on Twitter: "@RadioVeritasSA: 3 DAYS till Easter Sunday launch on #576am. May your Easter Triduum be filled with every grace. #576amcountdown"


The Radio Veritas is connected with the Dominicans, Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, plays programs by international Eternal Word Television Network, and news by Vatican Radio. They have a close relationship to pro-contraception, pro-condom, pro-legal-abortion, more often than not critical-of-the-Vatican: The Southern Cross, which they regularly advertise.

Before noting how Veritas portrays themselves, there has been some controversy in Veritas.

They also sell a course on Jung and his view of spirituality, and have sometimes raised controversy over allegations involving doctrine. Their home site, includes a news feed to the pro-legal abortion Southern Cross, which Cardinal Napier calls "anti-magisterial", in one interview with our service. The Southern Cross also has among it's board members (on our last meeting with him), Fr Chris Townsend, the Communications Officer of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference. The Radio Veritas team also have played songs by the like of Madonna e.g. "4 seconds to save the world", and other controversial anti-Catholics, although it is unclear whether this was due to the language barrier.

An Important contribution
Veritas plays some beautiful classical music, and many very interesting and informative EWTN shows, as well as content from Vatican Radio. It also devotes time to the Catholic Saints, and the words of the Bishops Conference and the Pope. It is the only Catholic radio station in the region to get a broadcasting licence.

Radio Veritas Online Presence| 'Our Objective' by Radio Veritas staff accessed 05 April 2012


The vision of Radio Veritas is to be a self-supporting Catholic radio station that entertains, informs, educates and inspires its audience as a national satellite and terrestrial broadcaster.


In support of our vision statement we have formulated the following objectives:

To be a recognized Catholic broadcaster serving the interests of its community;
To achieve and attain suitable licencing;
To the reach the SADEC area;
To attain appropriate funding and sponsorship and be financially sound;
To address social and Catholic issues;
To provide a “life guide” to its listeners;
To become international in reach and content;
To give hope and direction to its listeners;
To become easily accessible to its listeners;
To be grounded in the Catholic faith;
To broadcast in the local vernacular;
To utilize more than one medium to reach its audience;
To provide relevant content;
To broadcast professionally;
To deal with social issues of our time (eg HIV/AIDS and refugees);
To aspire to become thé African Catholic radio station, like EWTN;
To generate programmes that are used/re-used throughout the world;
To build and foster a proper Catholic broadcasting brand;
To become the default broadcast medium for the South African Catholic Church;To provide proper training for those that work within Radio Veritas."
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3 DAYS till Easter Sunday launch on #576am. May your Easter Triduum be filled with every grace. #576amcountdown

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