Thursday, 12 April 2012

Barack Obama... Turning his Back on the people


An Image Barack Obama showed Today... perhaps not meant to insinuate cowardice, leaving the White House, or that he has shown the American public and the world his back, to line the pockets of his gay special interest,  pharmaceutical, condom, abortion company type Back-er friends...
Turning his Back on the people
Having already turned his back on Catholic voters, religious people, and the US Constitution, Barack Obama has put a 2012 symbol on his back, that looks like a target sign.
Don't follow the link though... treat this as a caption contest, one which makes that embarrassment to Africa look the worst wins;)!~
Barack Obama originally shared this post:
The Republican primary is all but over, and this race is on. Are you ready? http://OFA.BO/Gy5WxT

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