Friday, 13 April 2012

Una Voce Cape Town! for Latin Mass lovers!

Una Voce Cape Town! for Latin Mass lovers!
Looking for numbers to justify a mass, I only know the lad through Facebook!
Stephen Korsman
Introductory e-mail and invitation to join the mailing list:

Una Voce, Cape Town, has started up. Our aim is to promote the Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form) in Cape Town. First this will involve collecting people either on Facebook or, preferably, on an e-mail list which will get a newsletter once a month or so. (Initially the newsletters will simply remind you that we exist, inform you of international developments, and maybe link to photos or YouTube - as we grow, we may have meetings and eventually organise a Latin Mass.)

Una Voce (pronounced OO-nah VOH-chay) is Latin for "with one voice" and comes from the Preface to the Roman Canon, where the angels cry out with one voice, "Holy, Holy, Holy."

If you're in Cape Town, please consider joining Una Voce, Cape Town. There are no commitments expected of you, other than your prayers for the cause. Your e-mail addresses will not be sold either. If you're not in Cape Town, please pass the info along to interested Catholics in Cape Town.

email: at (let me know if your addition to the list includes a spouse or children)
Facebook page (like) -
Facebook group (join) -

I'm new to running a FB group, so I think you need to ask to join, instead of, ideally, just clicking and joining.

While FB stats will be presented to His Grace, I will only count those on the e-mail list as official Una Voce, Cape Town, members for the purposes of keeping His Grace informed about how big we are. If you're just on the FB page/group, I will not pester you to join the mailing list, although I'll try to somehow get the newsletter info on the page and group as well, so you won't miss out.

Lastly, I am starting Una Voce, Cape Town, as an individual, with the support of Una Voce, SA, and Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce. Formal affiliation with them will come in time. My love for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite stems from my interest and love for Eastern Rite liturgies and the liturgical beauty and diversity we as Catholics have as our heritage, and not from any antipathy towards Vatican II or the Ordinary Form of the Mass. It is not my intention to promote any sort of belligerence towards either.

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