Saturday, 14 April 2012

America follows South Africa, in spying on citizens with new bill


In a bill reminiscent of RICA, which causes internet and telephone companies to record and keep all communications over them for access by the government, the American government has followed suite. Read more on CNET

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Share and share alike Just not with the government! ;)!~
Violet Blue originally shared this post:
Facebook has defended its support of this bill, its authors have tried to influence tech journalists on how to describe it to you, and its author has called for the execution of Bradley Manning (underscoring its intent toward sites that cooperate with Wikileaks).

Are we tired of them trying to mess with the internet yet?
Say 'hello' to CISPA, it will remind you of SOPA »
commentary The latest bill that would give law enforcement new powers over the Internet bears a striking resemblance to the last bill that did that. And the one before that, says commentator Vi...

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