Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Mortal Sin: of Time Travel

Article by Marc Aupiais

In the end, any moral analysis of time travel must conclude: it is extra-ordinarily selfish: it is based on pride and self assurance: it aims to avoid consequences we incur in life: it aims to destroy our accountability to choices and thus the concept of choice itself.

Where every choice can be reversed: no choice is made: without permanent consequences: people only do what is most advantageous; a culture of selfish self enrichment emerges from time travel.

Further, the possibility of ruining someone else's life, causing them to never exist perhaps, a grey soul, if even possible.

Even where it is only to observe: the Butterfly Effect, and Quantum mechanics warn of an effect. Shrodenger's cat! Time travel in its essence cannot escape changing the state of life.

Make no mistake! I love Time Travel shows and filmography. But fact is: time travel is an attempt to be God! To distrust God's Fate! God's truth! His Intent! His Ways in Our Life!

Life is consequences! God allowed evil, because without consequences: there is no choice! Choice was important enough: to Create Heaven! To Create Hell!

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