Friday, 26 August 2011

Nigeria Bombing Update

Note by Marc Aupiais

The death count is now 16, more in the range of more professional bomb-makers than previously appeared.
An Islamist terror tactics group, the Associated Press: says claimed responsibility.

My analysis saying it was likely a state actor or state connected actor stands.

There are always claims of responsibility- as verifiable each as one next. Yes, it may be an identifiable terrorist group bombing Nigeria for taking the side of the West at the UN, but the Islamist groups would likely bomb any group but Nigeria's UN, given the Nigerian government is the only to endorse Islamist enemies of an enemy of Islamists: Gaddafi.

The explanation by the American media- motive wise makes no sense.

I still think it was a state actor. The size of the bomb was bigger that I thought, which makes it harder to identify who made the attack. None the less, the motives seem to benefit states more than terror ideologies.

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