Friday, 5 August 2011

South Africa becoming a communist dictatorship?

Note by Marc Aupiais

 [See Sources and visual representation Diagram at ~SACNS: Image Works+]

 Cosatu says ANC NEC uniformly support nationalisation of banks, mines, textiles, and "General Production" in South Africa- reports pro-ANC Mail and Guardian paper, quoting a Cosatu economist!

 Coastu says any report to the ANC by an inquiry- which does not advocate Nationalising, will be REJECTED by the ANC, which rules South Africa with just below 66 % of seats in parliament.

 The South African constitution, while allowing discrimination against white South Africans, which is also enshrined in BEE laws, and extends to preventing charities which help both black and white orphans from being funded, does allow a right to land.

 The Chamber of Mines, speaking to Carte Blanche, said they would take the matter right to the Constitutional Court. Government regulations also plan to change the nature. And status of this court, to hear more cases, and opposition has accused the government of appointing loyalist judges.

 Malema, who has spearheaded calls for nationalisation, papers claim, has cannibalised government tenders for self-enrichment, via a trust fund. His Youth League recently called for the over-throwing of Botswana's government before claiming they never really meant for a "coup", all over Botswana's ties to the United States.

 While attacking their ally Jacob Zuma for "lack of leadership", the ANCYL, a powerful player in government, and run by Julius Malema, did not mention that South African troops, routinely train ON SOUTH AFRICAN soil with American troops, and in our seas with their ships- pointing either to lack of political literacy or another reason for wanting to have Botswana over-ruled. South Africa, has bailed out nearby dictatorship Swaziland, which Mail and Guardian claims is close-knit with the president, despite human rights abuses.

 The ANC, has condemned the ANCYL for calling for an alleged "coup" in Botswana, saying it over-reached. In today's Mail and Guardian, the ANCYL fired back, claiming that their calls against USA ally Botswana for change of Regime, were mandated by a progressive/leftest Youth alliance of which it appears to be a member.

Former ANCYL heads include Nelson Mandela.

 Ironically, the South African Communist Party, a part of the ANC, as much as Cosatu is; but less powerful- has slammed the slated move to take away private property- saying that it is motivated by personal corruption, not the good of the people. See Sources and visual representation Diagram at ~SACNS: Image Works+

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