Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Activist Human Rights Watch in 'malicious' report: attempts to destroy private enterprise, South African Wine, Fruit Export?

Article by Marc Aupiais

Human Rights Watch Purposely defames South African farmers- Agri SA Argues

c.f. [23rd August 2011] Agri SA: HRW farm report 'malicious’ - IOL Business Day

In a report based on interviews with 260 people, of whom 161 were reportedly in no way directly involved in farming, and where those interviewed were often listed as procured by Trade Unions, Human Rights Watch has alleged that South African farm workers have their human rights abused. This despite farms involved being certified for good labour practices by GlobalGap and by Ethical Trade of the international retailers. The 260 interviews were supposed to represent 121,000 farm workers.

South African Wine is a major export, as with Fruit exports to Europe. The report, heavily assisted by Trade Unions, as demonstrated by Agri SA, interestingly comes, just as those Trade Unions, through Cosatu, have called for nationalization of Agriculture. Many South Africans have left the country to farm elsewhere, as farm owners are murdered when they held out against government attempts to take the land in the past according to popular investigative journalism service Carte Blanche.

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