Friday, 26 August 2011

The Attack in Nigeria

Note Analytical by Marc Aupiais

My internet is down, so I cannot fact check, beyond what I knew to be fact two days ago: I have fact checked all I mention: but there may be new facts. [Note Facts Verified since Publication]

... But if I remember correctly Nigeria is the only country in the African theatre to endorse the Rebels in Libya as legitimate. The only nation to oppose the Republic of South Africa, which has gathered the entirety of the African Continent and the Arab League against the NATO overthrow of the sovereign Libyan state.

South Africa originally voted pro 1973 sc resolution. It thought the goal was to protect civilians- not provide cover for one side against another in a civil war. A civil war not between good and bad, but between two grey peoples.

The UN, largely funded by the United States of America- often also pursues its interests.

There is a reason why South African Gift of the Givers, and French MSF can get into Somalia where the UN cannot. The UN has been used against democracy in Somalia and other nations.

The Vatican supported South Africa, Germany, Russia, India, China, Brazil, the Arab League, and The African Union: in their opposition to the NATO invasion and bombing of Libya.

Vatican sources on the ground have been telling Vatican official news service Agenzia Fides: that civilians are being bombed by NATO, even seemingly more often than military targets, and that both sides have been shooting bystanders on the spot. This and the fact that it is against a Ius Cogents to accept a nation created by illegitimate means such as an illegal war, are some reasons why the very astute South African Public International Law team and our government have consistently opposed the NATO effort, and enforced a uniform shield: that Libya under the Rebels is not a legitimate nation.

The bombing of the UN in Nigeria is certainly political: I would think: if I am correct in remembering that it is Nigeria alone and against all other nations on the Continent- who recognised the Libyan rebels. And therefore: that a state actor: an ally of Gaddafi or Libya's fallen Regime, in terrible death throws of revenge; bombed the UN building.

Al Qaeda would have used twin bombings. This was a single car bomb, seemingly not a suicide attack. This is military style attack; against a political target. A clear statement of hatred, wrath, and warning in terror tactics. It killed just 7 people... It was clearly a small bomb and a small military style attack.

It is unlikely South Africa would be the state actor: in that case the bombing would be larger.

South African Coup D'etat efforts around the continent would indicate this is not the same style. It seems more the Arabic intelligence world's style of attack. It may be Libya intelligence, or allies or rogue troops.

All evidence would suggest that Libya is the cause of the issue! All I have said is fact checked!

However my information except on the bombing is two days old. My information on the bombing is from a journalist, the Associated Press, and the French Government's propaganda wing: France 24/AFP.

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