Tuesday, 23 August 2011

While USA government controversially Promotes sterilizing college students as a need, their vice president endorses one child policy in China

Article by Marc Aupiais

USA Vice President endorsed Chinese One Child Policy, as USA promotes free sterilization as a good for college students

USA Vice President Joseph Biden as representative of the United States has endorsed the Bare Branches prone One Child Policy in China, as USA itself suggests sterilization of college students

One Child policy a good thing, but with some drawbacks - the USA Vice President claims, while explaining his take on US debt to Chinese college students

Through its representative, Vice President Joseph Biden, Obama's Democrat USA calls Communist China's one child policy and its horrific results understandable, while noting its cost in social security? Susan B Anthony List and one republican opposition politician were both forthright enough to slam the move by the Obama administration. China's policy has created an imbalance between male and female populations, a disaster for the elderly, and the possibility of social instability through the direct creation of bare branches, a tinder for revolutions.

c.f. [August 23, 2011] Fox news ; Biden Says He's Not 'Second-Guessing' China's One-Child Rule


Through Obamacare, the HHS of USA recently asked to rush policy through forcing insurance companies to cover sterilisation, to insure college students had access

c.f. [1st August 2011] HHS: No “Delay” in Contraceptives, Sterilization for College Students - Cardinal Newman Society, which quotes the submission the HHS made to not wait for public comment due to "adverse" side effects of not sterilizing college girls.


Interestingly, Obama's administration recently bent the rules about public comment, to enable universal and enforceable coverage on permanent female sterilization, and contraception in So Called Obamacare. Obamacare is the nickname for the current Insurance Law Regime in America regulating insurance companies, and enforcing universal healthcare insurance as something every citizen must buy from birth to death.

This achieved by citing what Health and Human Services department under Obama Democrat Party administration's curator: Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: labelled as an urgent need for permanent sterilization among college and university students, who it says would be denied "health" benefits if the policy were delayed. Her department's alleged concern was to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This was something slammed by the USCCB, which says pregnant women are not diseased or ill, but healthy. Kathleen Sebelius: according to the health and Human Services website is well known for this quote:

"Prevention isn’t as exciting as a life-saving surgery after a heart attack. It doesn’t create headlines like a massive food recall. Success often doesn’t show up until many years later. And even then it’s hard to see. But the potential benefits are huge - Secretary Kathleen Sebelius"

HHS USA Secretary of the HHS Biography

Sebelius, according to ~SACNS Archives, supported, and threw a party in honour of an abortionist who performed late term abortions when on trial for reportedly doing so even when flouting legal restrictions. The party was for the abortionist and his staff. Late term abortions are classified as those abortions where the child would survive if it were born.

c.f. [Monday, June 1, 2009] Americas News: Late Term Abortionist, George Tiller Dies: death gets more recognition from major pro-life group, than countless victims of his late term abortions were given by him, and his allies in the "White House"


Vice President Biden is facing criticism after telling a crowd in China that he doesn't have a problem with the country's one-child policy.

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