Friday, 12 August 2011

Obama-care "Individual Mandate" - "Unconstitutional"- claims court

Article note by Marc Aupiais

The 11th Circuit Court has ruled USA Universal Health Insurance Scheme nicknamed "Obama-Care" by Opponents "Unconstitutional" in re individual mandate to buy health insurance!

According to the court forcing citizens to buy an expensive product such as health insurance from birth to death, is beyond the commercial areas power of the federal congress. Reportedly two of the three judge panel support the US president's party, or are affiliated with it, another possible blow for the US President.

The HHS, under Obama has recently used the legislation to define pregnancy as an illness of sorts, according to the USCCB, the Catholic hierarchy in the United States of America. The new regulations, as applied by Obama's representative mandate coverage of expensive sterilisation, artificial chemical contraceptive, and abortion pills.

Recent studies have linked some of these "preventative measures" to serious diseases and to later infertility where unintended.

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