Friday 2 September 2011

Libyan Rebels rounding up, executing black Africans in Unseen Genocide- reports

Note Analytical by Marc Aupiais

The Mail and Guardian- owned by Britain's Guardian paper, and connected to the ruling ANC has reported on a not often reported part of the Libyan coup d'etat.

It reports, based on Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other groups that Black Africans are being rounded up, arrested and executed in Libya by rebels serving under the USA backed National Transitional Council.

It isn't the first report that rebel troops were being pushed by rebellion propaganda and inspired to kill black Africans- mostly of Christian or African belief systems. The fact that almost 30 black African corpses line Tripoli streets in a Rebel Massacre, and not one mercenary of colour can be proved anywhere however shows a different story.

Sources on the ground suggest that racism against minorities protected under Gaddafi and the opportunity to rid Libya of these are a major source of the Rebellion's steam.

Allegations of Black Mercenaries, being given Viagra to rape Libyan rebel women and other such propaganda have certainly not helped Black Africans, fleeing Libya where they are a minority.

The Vatican has reported that NATO bombings were often aimed at civilians, and that Rebels as well as the Regime were killing civilians on the streets of Tripoli. It did so through multiple articles in Missionary News Service Fides: which is an official arm of the Vatican press office.

The Vatican has also praised the BRIC and German approach asking for diplomacy in Libya, while lamenting the NATO approach of USA and France.

America and her allies have already moved to have the funds of the Libyan government transferred to the unaccountable performers of the coup d'etat, and American oil companies are already reported as vying for lucrative deals.

South Africa contends that the Libya NTC may not be recognised under International Law: as it has emerged from an American backed civil war, which was not in accordance with the SC R 1973. A Resolution South Africa voted for to protect civilians: while it has been used as a justification to bomb civilians in Tripoli, while providing military cover to a coup d'etat force which has used its power to take control of money, resources, army bases, weapons: and to wipe out minority groups. The formation of such a state, the reasoning follows cannot be recognised as it violates a Ius Cogents to which all states are bound.
The Libyan government has pointed out that the rebels have no manifesto. The ability of rebels to govern the vast African nation is also questionable.

America spent close to a billion dollars to overthrow their standing critic Gaddafi. They did so based on no UN mandate, and seemingly against the will of many Libyans- and resulting in many civilian deaths.

If the Libyan economy ever recovers to pre-coup levels it will be decades. Instability has been created, and minorities are at risk. Catholic media, and figures in the Vatican, fear that Christians in Libya will now face greater persecution, and that further instability is now added to the region.

Afghanistan, where America similarly overthrew a government, has still not recovered. Further, drugs trade, human trafficking and many crimes and corruption flourish there and in another American puppet state: Iraq.

The BBC reported that the Afghani election was rigged. France 24 and others have noted that as soon as American troops withdraw the Taliban will retake control of the nation.

In Libya likewise, many residents of Tripoli have openly started to complain that their lives were better under Gaddafi.

The terrible fact of a revolution's unintended side effects due to instability, cannot be better shown than in South Africa: the poster child of overthrows of nations the International community doesn't like.

20 years after Apartheid: corruption and crime and rape are endemic, and statistics show that the poor and average South African: especially the "liberated" average black South African: have a poorer standard of living on the index, today: than under a regime designed to destroy them. The fact that the government is essentially unanswerable due to liberation credibility, has caused something good: the end of a crime against humanity, to be degraded by corruption in a liberation movement.

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