Tuesday 25 August 2009

"He helped others, but couldn't save himself"

(Also appeared at : Journey in a Broken World 26 / 08 | August / 2009)

Editorial by Marc Aupiais

"He helped others, but couldn't save himself"

Are these not famous words. Words about Jesus, about our beloved words. True words in a sense. I always try to view the gospel via different eyes- and these words, at least in english- are true of Jesus.

He helped many, but he could not save himself. Even his mention of hosts of angels who could save him shows his nature true- he says that it must not be.

God is infinite in all- defined and contained by his nature. It was impossible for Jesus to avoid the cross- impossible because he was and is God.

When he rose again, I would say that again- He made it impossible for Him to save himself. His name was Jesus- Yahweh Saves, and I would say that He was risen from death by the other persons of the Holy Trinity, possibly His own power also- possibly all three acting- but Jesus never once did a miracle on his own power- He said it was faith, or prayer- or the Holy Spirit. I have prayed to God to pray for me, and been scolded by non-Catholics for it, but God does pray to God, and did when on earth.

The priest can hear my sins, and have God heal them- but he cannot hear his own sins. Nor can the saints do miracles apart from Reality- from God, Yahweh.

Jesus could help others, but He was never sent to save Himself from the crucifixion.

This message gives us simple truth. God demands we save ourselves first- by the parable of the splinter and log, but he also makes us to rely on others- and the world, so others rely on us.

We can only save others if we in turn are saved by God- safe I say rather- for salvation can be lost is the cutting in half and splinterring of a moment. Yet, who can save themselves alone?

The Gospel teaches perseverance in salvation as the ultimate virtue... Yet, we save ourselves by being Godly to others.

God the Son does not scratch his own Back- God the Holy Spirit enabled his miracles.

The message which that terrible comment teaches us is simple- God never works alone. Our salvation and that of others are linked. If we pray for others, we are adding good to the world- we are aiding our own salvation. It is why the wisdom of the Old Testament says to throw bread in the river so it will return on one.

Our every breath has changed the world. Our every action is but prayer. Our faith is in our actions- for salvation is In Faith, Within Faith. Our faith is in word, thought- our salvation in perseverance... Within Faith.

We cannot save ourselves, but if we do not play our part in our salvation- we will not be saved! For Jesus was murdered and thrust into Prison, where He preached- yet in this obedience saved all who may be called all. And then- He was raised- himself saved though he was never lost.

We are never alone- we have the saints- living and eternally living. And we have the sacred Mother, and the church, with her doctor's healing sacraments where Christ acts on our Salvation by chosing his way- to enter into his ways!

The God of Love does not save in isolation. My whispered lie, can cause death in you- my hidden truth can save you..!

"He saved others but (by his very Nature) He can't (Now) save Himself (yet, in allowing His loss, His Trust, He enabled our salvation!)"

God bless.


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