Saturday 29 August 2009

The dolphin- it swims, softly sparkles and yet danger dances

(Also appeared at : Journey in a Broken World 31 / 08 | August / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Swish... And the sound sprays into the oceanic netherworld. The sparkling waves spray and leap with their broken surface. Light is caught, and held hostage for a moment, it breaks and shivers- as shadows move below.

Burst... the surface is shattered, and then absorbs the subtle, living dynamism of the creature.

It plays as sun or moon causes it to shine, sparkle in the breaking breeze. The water splatters off, and this, the forceful playmate softly reabsorbs. The playful power catches what left a silver-gray skin. All as it is unknowingly sopping wet... Jumping into the world its ancestors once knew- that of air, my world that it happens- is.

The dolphin plays, and dances- purely in joy, and yet its play is deadly- practice it seems.

When I face hardship- I surely should attempt to learn- to strengthen, to move- yet if I only did this then- I would be weak.

The child, they play to learn. They play to understand. Play is important, it must be more than just a game.

As Christians we must play fully with God. We must play in our understanding- and playfully look into our being. Play is important, and the ultimate game is religion, is just love.

We love that dolphin- because it resonates a part of us. Imagine playing forever- serving God ad infinitum, in joy!

Of course, games take practice- and rules/methods, and comprehension- before we get the fun!

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