Sunday 2 August 2009

Apologetical work: Is God a woman?

(South African Catholic)

Short Apologetical Equation by Marc Aupiais

According to a number of New Wave figures: God is a "woman"- or "clearly" not a "man". Ignoring wilfully the incarnation of Jesus (God the Son- one of the three distinct persons of the Holy Trinity) as an actual male of the human species. For this reason- many uses of the masculine in the Sacred Text- have been rendered gender-neutral in a number of translations- even in "Catholic Bibles".

The reason why this is unacceptable corruption of the text- lies not only in the distortion of many prophesies- but further in the philosophical sense of what is "male" and what is "female". This sense of the words- is what is used when manufactured connectors are labled "male" or "female".

It is God who gives us grace- who gives our bodies life- and who instills the church with life and what unity it has.

God fulfils the Spiritually "male" role in his relation to us. It is possibly: in part- for this reason- I would argue- that God created mankind as "male" and "female", and not simply asexual- it is also important therefore that Genesis places the fact that women exist- on the existence of man. We exist because of God.

It is therefor a vital issue to put forth- That God- in relation to us is philosophically "male"- and that while his "gender role" is possibly, and I deeply stress the word possibly- "gender-neutral"- his philosophic position in relation to us: is "male".

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