Saturday 22 August 2009

American Bishops do something about New Mass Translation, something which may help South Africans also, and be useful to others in the future!

(Tridentine South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

When we at attempted to get the local Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC), to place a version online, or permit us to scan a version in and load it online of their heavily copyrighted copy of the new draft version of the new order of the mass, which they rushed out early, without Vatican permission (the Vatican permitted the draft to continue in use for the sake of the faithful locally)- we only got constantly ignored and redirected, and told this was pointless. The fact that Catholics were struggling, or were not given the new words in some instances, while being forced to use them- was not a matter of urgency, and a (pro-legal abortion, pro-condoms, pro-homosexual priests c.f. Catholic Culture's review of the dissident paper's website) newspaper, which they are represented on the board of, and sell in parishes- the Southern Cross, slated the Vatican's decision to change the Order of the Mass. Not so with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), who have carefully constructed a website on their main URL to aid Catholics with the transfer, which has yet to occur in the USA.

On the website:

The US Bishops have placed so many relevant documents, explaining the whole process of the change, and answering Questions and Answers. Included is a study version of the new English version of the Order of the Latin Rite (The Normal Mass, said at most parishes) Mass, and another with relevant scriptural annotations, which mean that Catholics can justify the Order to their Non-Catholic friends from the bible. I personally have not gone through the entire online text, but as these texts are assembled by the global community of English speaking Catholic churches (International Committee on English in the Liturgy), it is bound in the least bit to be similar to the draft version already in use in South Africa.

The explaining documents should also be useful. It might be noted that the version on the site is yet to be approved by the given bishops or the Holy See, but is probably the same, or a similar version to the draft being used in South Africa. The website should be updated regularly. We ask our viewers, who have lost their handy translations, or who are interested in finding out, to compare these texts to the drafts we are using, (they at least seem similar- I personally have been looking through the words the parishioners say, and it seems like ours- I do not have time at present to make a textual analysis of their study version against the draft version being used here), and inform us of the differences, so that we can possibly inform others. In any case, for those South Africans without a copy of the draft we are using, this may at least be useful, and the American Bishops, will surely update it when a globally accepted version emerges.

America's study version of the draft of the New Order of the Mass:

Version with Scriptural Annotations: (it actually quotes the relevant verses)

The New version, was asked of the world by Benedict XVI, who wanted the Novus Order to be closer to the Tridentine Mass, believing it would be of benefit to the faithful.

Catholic News Agency has an article about the new website released by the USCCB, the website we are speaking of here:


CNA [Catholic News Agency] (Catholic; Independent; American) Aug 21, 2009 :

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