Friday 14 August 2009

The happy story, its bittersweet, the hope of man, it makes me weep

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Note: the author compares the world's prima facie situation to the gospel norm, noting the blessing of Lumen Gentium XVI, yet also the deep danger of Christian lackness. He concludes by encouraging use of the sacraments, and careful saturation of the being in works and prayer- in hope of possible salvation.

I used to cry deeply within my depths for my fellow men. I would self mortify in hope of sparing my fellows of hell. I still do self mortify, although as always- in a manner that does not do permanent harm to my physical body.

I cry- in the knowledge, that should I enter, should my humbled, broken self enter heaven- most will not. I cry- seeing, hearing my fellows, and knowing the scale of judgement, and I pray tirelessly until my strength is weak. I feel that many who have aided me, even aided my salvation- shall become dust, and that I shall know of their place.

I once even suggested in prayer- and then after that also- that I take another's punishment upon myself, or that God not save me. Both suggestions did not change fact- although I try to take others' punishment from God.

I cry inside when I hear a happy story, or read of goodness. I seldom have seen any hope in this, my planet.

Should we go with the statistics, and note those who have seemed at hope- we should be lucky if one soul in a million enter heaven, as two souls enter purgatory.

For this reason, Lumen Gentium XVI must not be seen lightly. Catholics themselves would be highly favoured in our world, should they enter heaven or purgatory by anything but God's accounting for the service of honest intent. Jesus himself speaks of the narrow way we stumble through into salvation.

The human soul is made of the most base, indestructible part of the created universe- it is made of truth. It can only be destroyed by falsehood. A part of the path to heaven is the church. It is a part of the truth. Christ says he is its head, it is his body and the foundation of truth (I Timothy chapter 3 verse 15). It is Gospel, and our way to save our beings, or rather- to have our beings enter salvation.

When we say the church is of the fullness of truth, and that the Catholic Gospel is the fullness of truth- we say that they are of Good. Evil is lack of goodness where goodness should be. Simply should a faith teach some truth- any faith but ours is lacking in truth.

It is neglected- the grave duty on every soul- that all are judged in one just environment. Should those who know not be required to seek truth, and obey conscientious truth- shall we be spared, who know the truth?

The Gospel is bittersweet. The wonderment of all goodness is recorded faintly in it- the hope of salvation- worth all we have and our soul and life and more. The suffering end that destroys most. The God- Yahweh - Reality, who will send the many evil men to hell- as Reality does, Reality- God, who can destroy body and soul in torture in hell. It is unwise to see God as soft. It is wiser to hear Augustine who, as I also believe- Called God Reality. Reality is just, and truth.

The heresy that separates body and soul into being and mere possession is wrong and a cause of death. Your body will deteriorate in hell, and your soul will be in eternal pain. A lesser truth- like a body cut open at the heart's hope.

Hell is real- God is not lenient- he is just, omnipotent, omniscient... He is not a fool. Jesus never taught a lesser law- than that for which the Israelis burnt and stoned offenders. His law- demanding utter love with Mind, Body and soul of God- is far harder- and his death increases the wrong of those who continue in sinful lives.

A God who sends His own Son, like a lamb to the slaughter- is not a lenient God. He is fair- not lenient. He is merciful- beyond imagining- to those who turn to him- who determine to obey conscience, intuitive truth, the Gospel and God.

Should one turn to him, he is merciful, should they continue in Him, they shall be saved- yet, in our world, where ideology so diabolical avoids truth and the logical truth of morality and God- the battle is hard.

I used to weep about the truth, weep because of the Gospel. I pray deeply for those I am assigned, but I also have joy in my sadness, or rather- sadness in my joy.

If we do not leave our post- but pursue our destiny (God's plan) in our lives relentlessly, and restlessly in proportion and wisdom- by God and not foolish exploits- we shall save souls.

We as Catholics... Often forget the price should we not persevere. The person who starts a medication, saving them from illness, and stops is worse off than those who did not know of the cure. Should he continue on it for a year- gaining healing, and stop, he is worse than he who took it only six months. Both will die, should the disease be fatal.

The Catholic must persevere. In small, so in great- by this Jesus commands us to inebriate our every breath with sober Godly actions. Should we fail in small social situations, how could we survive the challenges we should have been taking, or the path to heaven. Righteous needs training, by use. Obedience and listening too.

The Catholic who ceases to learn and Grow is in danger of death. The sacramental economy- confession and mass especially- are there as vitally as bread and Water. Man does not live on bread alone- but on the words of truth from God. His sacraments are certainly the food of the soul.

Deeds alone do not bring salvation, but without consistent holy obedience in every moment- can you ever claim you had faith. 90 percent or the like of communication is body language- when in contact with another. The tree which bears fruit is pruned, but without fruit- God may cut it down. God hears our thoughts- how much more the prayers of our actions- which are worship of good or evil.

I take much from the gospel- yet, I never pretend I am safe. My soul is worth more than everything created- to me. Only a fool would believe the gospel as is and then not saturate their life in conscience. God is the absolute of sanity, and his standard is based on how truly we lived. He will judge by actions and honest intent, yet we must not underestimate the deep danger of eternal death.

I hear stories, and I cry because these words would be wonderful- if the story were true. I pray to be a true story, what of you?

Note: Consistent obedience- refers to a determination to continue to seek and obey truth if possible. One may well sin, but should determine to confess their sin... One should attempt to obey God every moment, and always, in a persevering and sustained and sustainable, sustaining manner, with prayer. One may well have had faith, should one have fallen- how else can one fall, least they had been above their position and yet, by writing as I do, I attempt to show that people act according to what they think is wise, we all sin, yet we should try to sin as little as ever possible, as our every thought, or action affects God.

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