Sunday 2 August 2009

SADC Region: Republic of South Africa: Official Opposition in talks with strange bedfellows?

(South African Catholic)

Notation by Marc Aupiais

According to the Cape Argus, a member of the Independent Newspapers (IOL) news group: the Democratic Alliance (DA)- South Africa's Official Opposition: is in behind closed doors unity talks with several smaller parties- including ANC off-shoot: COPE (Congress of the People), the ID (Independent Democrats), and the UDM (United Democratic Front).

While the DA allows their Members of Parliament (MPs) to vote with their conscience, on matters deemed by the DA to be related to morality- the ID and UDM- have both pushed legislation and policies, which are seriously against the moral fibre set out by the Church- including on vitally important issues such as- what marriage should be, and legalising of and pushing of pro-abortion legislation by the state.

Much of the leadership of political fledgling- COPE- jumped ship from the ANC prior the last election- having seemingly been perfectly accepting of the ANC (African National Congress)- when it radically liberalised access to Abortion, and instituted "Civil Unions"- "Gay marriage". On the "Gay Marriage" issue- as our service noted in another article: earlier this year- the ID seemingly wanted to force marriage officers to "marry" gay couples- whatever their conscientious or religious objections.

Exactly what form of alliance would be formed if the alleged talks are successful- is not clear to our service at present.

Whether this would entail close co-operation on some matters between multiple parties, or a new political party- is not clear, although the evidence seems to lend towards the latter- as with the quotations the Cape Argus gives to back up its claims.

Reportedly: Helen Zille has noted a number of areas where the opposition parties could find common ground-

These apparently include: commitment to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996; creating an environment which would offer opportunities to everyone; a market-driven economy, opportunity and delivery and a safety net for the less privileged (c.f. IOL- as linked to below).

Representation of the DA had not replied to a media request from our service at the time of publishing.

C.F. IOL (Secular; Independent; South African) 02 / 08 | 2009

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