Sunday 9 August 2009

BBC reports on Vatican inquiry into USA nuns!

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Notation by Marc Aupiais

In quite a liberal article, which nonetheless, if factual- shows truly: the fears that the Vatican has- of consistent schism and disobedience, by a number of US nuns- to be well founded; the BBC has written an article on fears some US nuns have over a Vatican inquiry ("apostolic visitation") into their Orthodoxy. The Vatican fearing what exactly is being done with its resources- and in its name, would certainly have a basis, doctrinally.

The Vatican, according to the BBC- fears that US nuns are possibly not living the lives of Religious- some are feared not to even be attending daily mass: as they should, and that many are openly preaching heresy- and taking the side of the society they are vowed to save- against the Church by which they are meant to save these people.

I do not have to warn of the liberal perspective the article takes. The "facts" given, however- do seem to be one witness, which, if based on fact- confirms the fears of many Americans loyal to the papacy.


As a law student- I have every right to be secular, and to share the gospel in an organic manner. The religious, is required to give more- if the tradition of the church is to be given any weight. It would be a grave insult against that dear saint- Theresse Martin: the Little Flower- should we consider it wrong to keep nuns apart in convents, where they can willingly dedicate themselves to prayer, or should we consider humble servitude in an openly Catholic manner- to be wrong.

The laity have always been the shock troops of the church- the Religious have a softer role, a different, yet important part to play. If the Vatican wants only one official view of Vatican II- it is their choice, and according to I Timothy chapter 3, verse 15 of the Sacred Scriptures- it is their right to interpret the faith- to combat heresy and show the truth. They have never excluded other valid interpretations of revelation- but they would and do have every right to say that one view is true, and another false.

It is a mistake to focus on faith without truth, or work without faith. The primary task of the church is the salvation of humanity. Any other focus- should it distract from this divine servitude, is beyond the just jurisdiction given by God. That would be grave abuse of the position given one!


US nuns worried by Vatican inquiry

BBC News (secular; governmental; British)

Vatican fears US nuns' independence

BBC News (secular; governmental; British)>

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