Saturday 7 March 2009

The scales and balances of life and limb

(Journey: In a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I set my cellular phone date and time today. I dropped it, and it lost the information. I set it by feel, and suddenly realized I was setting it to Saturday 8th, last year. My time, was only two minutes off, when I checked it against the television.

Evolution, or should I say Mother Evolution, or simply, that stuff, if you don't believe in evolution: has designed the mhuman body in a certain manner.

Now, we hate pain, but not the pain itself, but what the pain tells us is happening. We desire quality of life, but really: is this not simply a way to try an insure we live in a better, longer, fuller way. We might smoke (I don't), in order to relieve stress, or eat too much, to feel happier. In fact, here, we are doing something evolution, and survival of the fittest, does not desire entirely.

We fear, or are happy, or cry, or weep, or scream, or stand dead still: because Mother Evolution tells us we must. From this, comes all emotion. Even the joy of heaven, or hope for death: comes from a hope to protect the form of our bodies, and lives.

So, when we judge an action, we judge it in two ways: how much does it disobey the natural instinct, which seeks our protection, and the protection, and spreading of the species, or how sane it is, and secondly: in what extent does it endanger a life, or soul.

Those perfectly in touch with evolution, are those who are most moral. To obey God most fully, brings such joy, and a recent survey in the infamous, liberal New York Times, found that those in organizaed religion, are ost successful in general. Also, evolution has caused us to have this desire for something more, beyond: whther aimed at ghosts, aliens, conspiracy theory, or some manifesto: we desire more.

With this in mind, while things such as rape are extremely evil, intrinsically evil: the evil is effecting the rapist, and causing harm to the one who is raped. In the case of murder, a horrid thing is done to another, but society may judge the murderer more "sane", more acceptible than the rapist. Abortion, however, not only kills a person, but also causes a denial of their humanity, such is not only an act by one denying something, by one the church would consider unsound, but is further the ultimate effect on another.

We hate rapists, because rapists are unsound, but we hate rape, because it ruins quality of life, and makes one less likely to succeed, more likely to die.

Pain, is intricately related to existence. Pain is a method of keeping us alive. There is no point in any pain, nor reason for it, which is better: than being a warning system to keepn us alive.

So, why does the church make such an issue of abortion: because on both standards, it is denial of reason, and it has direct harm. All sin is insanity, and true sanity is never formed into sin.

So, rape is utterly evil, so far as the effect on the rapist, and the scandal apon the psyche of the raped, and possible transfer of illness, but our response to rape, this emotive response: truly is due to care for the raped person's wellbeing, their ability to sustain existence: so that murder is possibly worse than rape, for it ruins a life forever.

Of course, this is a meer evolutionary look at things, I here have excluded much of morality. Excommunication is a measure to protect the church, declaring a person in mortal sin, however, is simply a statement of a reality, done by God. Excommunication is an act of man, possibly aided by God. Declaring a person in mortal sin, is simply to say that it is likely that God has seen that their life is so faint it wont last for eternity, and the person in question needs an infusion of life, and "sanity", via confession.

And so, excommunication: either is a call to reform, via the good punishment of the church: to the person in question, or else the protecting of the church from a cancer within. Either way, the excommunicated can still enter churches, and communicate with Catholics, they are simply banned from sacraments until they repent. The Sacraments would not work in any case: due to their state of "disobedience".

Unfortunately, many bishops, or priests neglect to inform people of the state of their souls. If these were doctors of the body, we would demand honest, well-trained accuracy, why not with the physicians of our souls: why not with our Grace infusing priests?

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