Thursday 12 March 2009

South Africa: South Africans Abroad (Expatriots): May Vote: Const. Court

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. BBC World News (Governmental; British; Secular) 12 / 03 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

--Johannesburg, South Africa -- Thursday 12th March 2009--

Under ANC leadership, millions of South Africans have left, either due to openly racially based policies: designed to "transform" the workplace (replace white people with Black people: often irrespective of skills levels), get rid of "elitist" education, such as Advanced program Mathematics, and to conduct other forms of social engineering, and the like. Corruption, and crime have also caused an exodus, with the chief of police suspected of aiding organized crime: the organization investigating this disbanded, and South Africa's mooted next president: facing over 700 (Seven Hundred)charges of corruption from the same disbanded organization. To say nothing of electoral violence, murders, widely noted voter intimidation, incitement of political and ethnic violence, to say just some of the things, which have caused South Africans to leave, while the ANC (African national Congress) has "cared", for South Africa, these past 15 or more or less years.

Today, the Constitutional Court, in Johannesburg, upheld a plea, launched by an opposition party, to allow South Africans abroad to be able to vote, if registered.

Some of those who voted with their legs, perhaps: now can help keep South African Democracy safe. Mr Jacob Zuma, the ANC candidate for the election, has not even completed his schooling. Many ANC candidates have been caught in corruption, and those in power currently, kicked South Africa's previous president out of office, before his term was complete.

Fortunately, the Constitutional court, has ruled, and just some of the South Africans abroad, will be able to vote.

The IEC (Independent Electoral Board (of South Africa)), has said that it is prepared to take on foreign based voters. They must inform them of an intent to vote before March 27th 2009. It is very likely that Foreign based voters, who are registered, will be able to vote at South African Embassies overseas, however, we do not have the exact details of the plan with certainty as yet.

The ANC, is widely thought to be those who will win the next election, despite corruption, and a rise in unemployment. 2 000 000 (Two Million) South Africans are living abroad. Often Crime, and fears for job security, are sited as reasons for leaving South Africa. Many skilled workers have left the country.

At least now those expats (expatriots) who are warned in time, will not be disenfranchised this election (prevented from voting), rather, they shall have suffrage to help shape South Africa's future.

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