Thursday 5 March 2009

America: USA: An interesting take on Obama and Socialism

Note, placing the video, and text content, of a video linked to on facebook, in this case: does not guarantee the accuracy, or the contents of the views linked to. I can also assure you, that I do not hold, or endorse these views. I do disagree with the American President, I do think some of his policies worse than revolting, and others extremely unwise, or badly timed. I do not think he is in any way a socialist.

I don't know enough to say, but another Catholic on facebook added this video or linked to it, and I read it on my updates on people networked to me: Obama has periodically been accused of socialist agendas, in addition to supporting an abortion, and birth control program, which is in danger of transgressing international Genocide law. Whether he is a socialist, or simply terrible at economics, I don't know, yet I had a good laugh at this emotive, and possibly ill-conceived clip. Please remember, that this is simply some individual's viewpoint. It is highly unlikely that Obama is a socialist, but this likely will give a window into the different political camps in America: the Democrats, being the population reducing, religion twisting party, which is also left leaning: "liberal", and the Republicans, being more right leaning.

November 01, 2008
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Ronald Reagan blows away Barack Hussein Obama on socialism, healthcare, the Consititution and Liberty."

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