Friday 13 March 2009

Canada: North America: Development and Peace (Caritas Canada)/ Canadian bishops: Funding Abortionist groups in mexico: LifesiteNews

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. archive: 28th of September 2008; LifeSiteNews (Catholic; Independent; Canadian) 12 / 03 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

--Yesterday--2009: 12th day of March--Canada/Mexico--Church organization helps fund abortionist activists--

Those who were shocked when the Australian Government allegedly lifted a ban on giving taxpayers money to abortionistic groupings, will be more shocked to hear that those supporting abortion, and aiming to legitimize it in Mexico, are receiving money given to "Development and Peace" (Caritas Canada): in good conscience. Development and Peace: in the fundraising body of the Canadian Bishops' Conference.

Caritas' Canadian Arm: not only doesn't deny or dispute evidence, that it its supporting pro-abortionist groupings: who are attempting to widen the noose over Mexico: but further admits to having no policy on the issue of abortion: and it is not an issue as to funding an organization, as to whether or not they partake in the killing of unborn children: according to Caritas' Canadian Arm: "Development and peace": who have given money given in good conscience: to the cause of allowing widespread killing of unborn infants in Mexico, Latin America.

"Catholic" support of what the church sees as a Genocide against the rights of the unborn: is often pivotal to the success of abortionists in killing the unborn child. The money given to these organizations, and prestige of working with the church: undoubtedly allows them to donate more resources to legalizing the rip[ping apart, or burning to death of unborn babies.

That many of the worst agents in the world: of the so-called "Culture of Death", are church-going "Catholics" is not surprising. That An SSPX bishop is banned from many churches: while abortionists receive, and desecrate our lord and Savior, at Mass: is shocking and disgusting.

This is not the first time that Canada's Catholic Bishops have directly aided abortionists' agendas. Previously: the Canadian church supported a Canadian march: supporting abortion, and homosexual unions. The "Catholic Womens' League" leadership in Canada: also partook in such, via the same march (archive: 28th of September 2008).

In South Africa: "The Southern Cross", an organization partly owned by the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC): not only regularly attacks the Vatican: when secular news praises it: but has also been caught out fronting abortionist arguments, and supporting contraception, and gay priests.

Aiding abortion: is an activity: which very likely results in the automatic excommunication from the Catholic church: preventing absolution in confession: such spiritual excommunication: needs a special confession and absolution to be lifted.

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