Friday 6 March 2009

Brazil; South/ Latin America: Mother of child whose step-father raped her: excommunicated, after the nine year old went through the trauma an abortion (Abortion is an excommunicable offense in Catholicism, and a mortal sin)

(Social Justice South Africa; IOL (Independent; Secular; South African) 06 / 03 / 2009 ; 05 / 03 2009 : note some reader comments on this page are disturbing, even hateful and anti-religious)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Rio de Janeiro; Brazil- - Her stepfather (A 23 twenty three: year old male) Raped her, and her mother gave her the childhood memory of and stigma of having had an abortion. A Girl of (9) Nine years of age, in Brazil, aborted her twin children, as endorsed by the Brazilian Government, in cases such as rape. Having, or assisting, or being part to an abortion, or allowing even one additional abortion to occur, by one's effect, can incur the automatic excommunication, which may only be lifted with the permission of a Catholic bishop: hopefully given to one's confessor. One must confess directly, the sin of abortion, and not vaguely that of wrath.

The 9 year old was considered too young to fall into being held accountable by the punishment, but the mother: was either excommunicated in causing the child to get an abortion or for other reasons. The Child is old enough, that her actions are mortal sin, and will deny her entrance into heaven, unless she confesses her sin, or there is the slight possibility, that she did not understand her actions. The 9 year old, is not excommunicated, only the mother, who endangered her for the affections of a 23 year old, and also caused her to have an abortion, and the doctors who did the deed.

Abortion is the killing of a unique and independent human life. In the catholic world view: it is homicide, and murder. There is also many an effort to help women or their partners, due to the horrific trauma that killing unborn innocents brings with it. Abortion is an intrinsic evil, and having any part in one, and possibly even voting for a party, which is pro-abortion ("pro-choice"), will very likely get you automatically excommunicated from the Global Roman Catholic Church, the world's largest and oldest religious organization, which is currently under the pontificate of the Beloved Pope Benedict XVI. This means that you cannot take sacraments in the church, and cannot attend confession validly, until the abortion is confessed to a priest who has the authority to absolve one for aiding abortion, who must then absolve one.

"Brazilian Archbishop Jose Gomes Sobrinho ", yesterday announced the excommunication of the doctors who took part in killing the nine year old's twins.

The Twins were killed at a hospital under the direction of a: "Fatima Maia". "Marcio Miranda", meanwhile, a lawyer who was representing the church: notes that any health danger claims asserted to by the director of the hospital, which killed the twins, are unfounded. They say that a Caesarean section, would have been a perfectly safe, and ethical option when the pregnancy reached the stage when the mother was to birth the children. Direct, and intentional abortion is a mortal sin of the gravest manner, in the Roman Catholic church.

It is considered, murder, heresy, the killing of one who has never once sinned, and possibly even the prevention of an unborn soul entering heaven. As an aborted child is not baptized, it is considered that it's soul's state should be left in the hands of God.

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