Monday, 9 November 2009

Agenzia Fides belongs to the Vatican?

(Tridentine South Africa)

Editorial by Marc Aupiais of South African Catholic and the news services

For ages now, I have been using Agenzia Fides for insight on Africa, its conflicts, its humanitarian problems. It was an on the ground news service, that I simply grew to love, despite its bad formatting and its programmers' poor programming skills.

Today by chance, I realized what I hadn't before, with all the hundreds of their articles I have read, Fides is the Vatican's official missionary news service, yes, I was as surprised as anyone could be. Vatican services are usually centered on the pope, out of touch, or plain boring, with a bit of snobbery, but not Fides, Fides, seems a genuinely expert service, the sort with goes with sources which are generally correct, and the right people to be speaking in the first place.

So the quesation emerges, we used to place Fides dispatches on our site, and they, like the dispatches we would place from Vatican Information Service, would get way higher ranking in Google results than Fides' own articles...

Should we do so again, what do you, our readers think- do you find Fides useful, as we do, as we find VIS useful also..? Or is it just a media thing?

On a different note, we have finally updated our Vatican Search site with a 21st hierarchical search engine. We have independently compiled:

To search the world's Bishops' Conferences. While on the site, it is a separate search engine, as it does not search the Vatican itself, and is thereby disconnected from out main navigation on the site!

God bless, happy surfing.

Marc Aupiais

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