Sunday, 8 November 2009

US health Insurance package passes- but most pro-abortion provisions excluded

Note by Marc Aupiais


Updated 11:49 AM; 12:02 PM Central African Time (CAT) (GMT+2)

This certainly is not an article, I do not have time for one right now: what I can say is that the US health insurance package passed, but that the Stupak amendment pushed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, was included in the package- meaning that its universal coverage of abortion has for now been largely "neutralized". Unfortunately, if an unborn child's mother had them with a close relative, or was raped, or carries some danger in bearing it, then the state can abort it. According to, the amended bill, also allows state sponsored Euthanasia.

The New York Times, is however reporting, that the Pro-abortion Democrats plan to get rid of Stupak in subsequent refining of the bill- to make it cover abortion universally.

(we linked to their article on our twitter: New York Times: US health care reform passes, but with abortion neutral amendment i.e. no universal abortion funding:

One anti-bill campaigner, Patrick Archbold, from Creative Minority Report calimed:

"I have mixed feelings. I am glad that the House stood up for life but this almost guarantees passage of the bill and abortion will likely make it back in in reconciliation."
(Creative Minority Report (Catholic; Independent; American; Pro-Republican) 08 / 11 | November / 2009)

The Hyde-like amendment seems to have been in order to please pro-life Democrat votes. The amendment: allows state funding of abortion in cases of " incest or if the mother's life is in danger" (CNN [Central News Network] (American; Secular; Independent; Liberal / left leaning) 08 / 11 | November / 2009)

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