Wednesday, 4 November 2009

DA welcomes reports of NHI postponement

Note of a political release:

DA welcomes reports of NHI postponement: "
If the suggestion in the media today that the implementation of the National Health Insurance scheme is to be put on hold is correct, then the DA welcomes this recognition of reality. Should the minister indeed make this announcement tomorrow, then it would be an encouraging sign that he is able to see through all the misinformation that ANC careerists have spread, and identify the fact that the poor will not be served well by this scheme. "

This was a release the DA (Democratic Alliance), South Africa's Official opposition, made today.

The NHI has been criticised as impractical, impossible, and dangerous by the Hospital Association of South Africa. The South African government, if general analysis is to be believed, has wrecked what was once one of the best public health sectors in the world, with corruption, bad management, and policies such as previous AIDS denialism, and via not being able to maintain many skilled medical workers in the public sector. Plans for a NHI, were largely put forth to their ANC (African National Congress) allies by the South African Communist Party, and leftist union Cosatu.

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