Monday, April 21, 2014

When people say the word God in a the children are sleeping voice.

My religion is not words, and songs, and candlelight or karaoke. It is in my actions, integrity, morality, steadfastness, loyalty, truth!  To me, I far more preach the gospel if I write a truthful article as a journalist than a pastor at a mega-church who is a vain hypocrite, or his bleating repetitive sheep repeating phrases they neither understand daily nor believe.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, my Facebook filled with badly drawn paintings and the wondrous phrase: 'He is Risen.'

For some reason it annoyed me. The same annoying phrase repeated again and again on my Facebook feed. Not even a good phrase, although it might have been quoting the bible or something in context that might have been great. Was Jesus really dead on Good Friday 2014? Or are we speaking of a almost 2000 year old event? For me it is the latter. Jesus rose +- 2000 years ago. And the effect of this action is retroactive into the birthing of the universe, just as his pain in crucifixion goes right into the creator's consciousness at the beginning of all things.

All of the Easter Christians were posting: 'He is risen!'. But who was risen? Did they realise that to some of us it is like someone posting Rebecca Black songs on their wall? Why not post 'Jesus rose from the dead, yes I believe that.' I can almost imagine them using their small child voice or that 'The children are sleeping voice,' as though God were a myth not a reality, as though they were playing a game or relaying stories of Santa Clause, or something crazy they don't expect any anybody to believe.

I am not much for days such as Easter. Except the part of attending mass it is unimportant to me. For me God must be every breath. If you only attend mass on Easter you missed point. The 'He is Risen' people seemed to be stating the obvious but in a very cryptic way.  Fine, he rose 2000 years ago. Are you living that, I asked myself of them? It is like the person who quotes some song, and expects people to ask, or posts 'peanut butter'... no doubt so some friend will like the enigma of it. It is like someone who speaks Zulu when I who have not spoken it in ten years am present and am being excluded from some insider conversation.

For me religion is pruning every hint at thought, it need not be stated, because it is lived within and without. I hate hypocrisy. If I think of lying or sinning I believe that has an impact, in the least on my relationship with God. I try to insure all my thoughts are truthful. There is a reason I object to AFP calling what essentially are Christians who are mass murderers in CAR: mere 'Vigil Antes,' for their war crime of ethnic cleansing Muslims. There is a reason I write highly controversial articles which are well researched and against the narrative: because I bother to discover the truth first. If God is truth, then every moment needs to be worship of truth: not just in reality, but in the beauties which fiction reveals, and which sarcasm and jokes bring forth. It means that actions inconsistent with truth need to be opposed: human rights abuses, abuse of religion to justify harming people, so much more than that too. Most especially the right to disagree must be protected. My true friends are sometimes my opposite, and I love them all the more. Spirituality is a celebration, a feeling, a party. It is fleeting and disappears. Religion is a choice, and a consistent integral lifestyle! If Jesus is the truth then live by that. Live a honest sober life, celebrate, but don't turn God into a party trick. Or a self-help seminar.

Some people say God in a don't wake the children voice, as though he were a myth, like Santa Claus. When I talk of God my voice is straight forward. I speak as though God is alive, because I believe God is alive,Just as I believe God died. Not because I am so great and God loves and worships me. Not because 'Jesus loves me.' But because God is great, and he cares enough about us, like a parent of a trouble child might, that he in his integrity died, to solve a problem if we let him: to let us live honestly...

Let us not betray that by living the ceremony and the stories yearly, but not living an entirely honest spotless life if we can. I don't mean don't have fun, or don't celebrate life and enjoy it. I don't mean don't have a bit of wine now and again. I mean this: be true to yourself in everything. Don't change just to please people on anything of importance. Ask why you are Christian or whatever else, and investigate if you made the right decision to be so. I know I did. It is why I believe now.

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