Wednesday, April 2, 2014

West purposely deceitful to world on Ghostly Russian force build-up say Christian Science Monitor of Ukraine quagmire

I have reported extensively on the truth on the ground in Ukraine, as with many conflicts. As was the case in a good portion of the tragic conflicts I report on, the ground truth is easily misconstrued or journalists choose a party line instead of self thought. The Telegraph recently failed to find the phantom-like Russian force build up, and ended up concluding in despair and concluding in defeat that Russia must be waiting for the drier weather which best suits their heavy megalodon reminiscent death wielding monstrous T90 heavy tank battalions. The Christian Science Monitor adds to the quagmire where Western intelligence sources are apparently either lying or dealing with Ghost armies of ice white long dead remains and corpses of the ancient vestiges of past menacing Russians.

Note especially the statements where we set the font to bold in our direct quotation of Christian Science Monitor (The body of which claim they repeated again on 2 April 2014 in another article we also reference below). We also added in square brackets the word 'The' at the very beginning of our quote.

'[The] beleaguered Ukrainian interim government, saddled with a legitimacy deficit and struggling to assert its authority across the country, has plenty of reasons to hype the threat of Russian invasion in order to create a unifying sense of national emergency. Might Western leaders be inclined to help them out by dropping a few misleading statements?

'It's not an issue that can be definitively settled, but available evidence suggests that – at least for the moment – the Russians are not preparing to attack, nor even mounting a credible threat to do so.

'Analysts say the numbers being bandied about by NATO do not jibe with Russian military doctrine. "Any attempt to occupy eastern Ukraine would be far more complicated and on a much greater scale than the operation to secure Crimea was," says Alexander Golts, deputy editor of the liberal Yezhednevny Zhurnal, a leading military expert, and a critic of Putin. "At a very minimum the generals would want 100,000 troops."

'Mr. Golts says that what NATO is observing is probably the "vestige" of Russia's big operation earlier this month to take Crimea, which included contingency plans to block any sudden Ukrainian military thrust to relieve the 20,000 Ukrainian military personnel stationed in the territory. "But that's winding down. Those troops are returning to their barracks now," he adds.

'Viktor Litovkin, a military expert with the official ITAR-Tass agency, says the Russian Army is more active than it was a few years ago, and it is not unusual to see troops and equipment moving around the countryside, staging exercises, in any part of Russia these days. "Armies are supposed to exercise, and that's what ours does year round," he says.

'Another perspective comes from journalists who've toured Russia's borderland searching for the invasion army, and so far found no sign of it.

'An NBC camera crew headed by veteran correspondent Jim Maceda covered 1,000 miles, or almost the full extent of the troubled Russo-Ukrainian frontier last week, often taking to back roads and poking their noses into spaces that might be suitable for hiding an armored division or two. The only troops they reported finding were located in established military bases and doing routine things like "latrine duty" and holding a "wrestling match."

'When the crew accidentally broke Russian law by entering a closed security zone, they were briefly detained by the FSB [former KGB], and tapped lightly on the wrist before being permitted to go on their way. That's probably the best evidence of all that, at least for now, the Russians likely have nothing to hide down there.'
(Christian Science Monitor | 'Why Russia may not be poised to roll into Ukraine after all (+video)' by Fred Weir at March 31, 2014)

The Christian Science Monitor repeated this claim again in: 'NATO general: Russia has 'entire suite ready to go' for Ukraine incursion' by Whitney Eulich at April 2, 2014.

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