Friday, April 4, 2014

Photographically documented incident of cheese factory workers bathing in milk sparks investigation

In Russia, bathing in the milk that makes the cheese, and taking a wholesome photograph of the whole event is not acceptable. The factory specialises in string cheese... though one hopes the sweaty workforce were at minimum wearing g-strings (and hopefully the shorts the Telegraph says they had on) below the water... Here is a picture from the footage that sparked a criminal investigation and saw cheese removed from shelves in the Motherland:

The managers of the cheese factory could face two years in jail if found guilty of producing unsafe food.

'The Investigative Committee announced it was probing the factory in the Siberian city of Omsk for producing food that could cause harm to health after photographs of grinning workers bathing in foaming milk horrified Russians.
'"It has already been established that the liquid that the factory workers were bathing in was the raw milk that was used for making the cheese," the investigators said in a statement.
'The scandal broke after a worker at the Omsk Cheeses factory posted the photographs on a social networking site with the caption: "Actually our work is pretty boring."
'One photo shows six workers posing in a vat, several wearing only shorts, and raising victory signs.'
'Video footage also emerged showing factory workers kneading the cheese bare-chested in a dirty-looking production area, gaining more than 300,000 views on YouTube.
'Russia's food watchdog banned the factory's cheese late last month and a court on Thursday closed down the factory for 40 days.'
(UK Telegraph | 'Russia investigates cheese factory after workers photographed bathing in milk' by AFP Wire at 11:17AM BST 04 Apr 2014)

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