Sunday, 21 October 2012

CCTV employed, successfully to catch exam cheats. Will this system spread?


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Sometimes, in writing an exam, certain people feel the need to do away with the uncertainty. This is especially the case, when an exam can result is great convenience, or great hardship, dependant on the outcome. 39 (thirty-nine) South Africans, writing their learner's licence tests, in the corruption rife Mpumalanga Province, learnt an important lesson about lack of integrity, when their learners' licence applications were denied, and they were barred from writing the exam again for another 12 months. The staffers, who were seen helping the deceitful lot, on CCTV footage, employed by the department, were promptly released from their positions.

With the rife corruption, and rural setting in Mpumalanga Province, which fortunately is not as corrupt as nearby Limpopo, such checks as this basic CCTV system, are seen as a step forward.

Department of Community Safety spokesman in this matter,  Joseph Mabuza, is reported by EyeWitness News, in this serious matter, as saying that corruption will not be tolerated in the Mpumalanga.

The incident with the examiner and technician, and Mhala has lead the province to extend CCTV monitoring to other motor-vehicle competency exam venues.


EyeWitness News | 'Video footage catches cheating in the act' 21 October 2012 by Govan Whittles

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