Saturday, 15 September 2012

Using cover of Arab world flaring violence: South African government cracks down on mining unrest!


The South African government has promised the full wrath of the law upon any who gather illegally, armed or for causing illegal strikes or rioting and intimidation. While the state has denied that it is in a state of emergency, technically a formal procedure allowing the government to ignore parts of the bill of rights, bringing the South African Defence Force into play has not been ruled out. Backed by socialists and the Communist leaning Julius Malema, who has called for mine nationalization, workers have started walking to other mines than their own. They recently threatened to burn down a mine shaft if unaffiliated workers did not leave it and join them. Management of that mine say that 5 workers'representatives informed them that if they did not close the mine they would be slaughtered. As the unrest spreads, President Zuma, his political nemesis Mothlante, and ANC allied union NUM, have all called for the snuffling out of these armed protests.

Police, in response, have deployed helicopters, to tail protesters, have dropped flash-bang grenades upon illegal gatherings, and have used police to chase and arrest those who partake in these gatherings. Protest leaders have demanded protesters 'report' to strike on Saturday. Another mine has declared it will be inoperative until Sunday.

Update: In a showdown on Saturday, Police, with utilization of Nyala armoured vehicles dispersed about 100 protesters, and disarmed 12. Lonmin has doubled their offer, as the Labour court has cleared them to fire any workers of the striking protesters, that they so choose.

The Lonmin Marikana incident continues to escalate. Following earlier murders committed by protester affiliated individuals, with 7 deaths of NUM leaders, and 2 deaths of policemen, 2 of security guards, and 34 of rioting, armed to the teeth miners, perhaps the rest of the world has decided to look away. Those who charged police and shot at police as recorded by ENCA,after having been given Muthi ('medicine') to make them invincible by a Sangoma or Witchdoctor, (Sunday Times Reporting) have recently expanded their efforts. With the blessing of Former ANC Youth League President Julius Malema, who was ousted after calling for the violent over-throw of Botswana for it's harbouring of a USA base, the protesters have started marching to other non-Lonmin mines to shut them down. The Chamber of Mines claims that the R 12,500 miners are demanding after tax, would mean they would need to pay them R 20 000 a month each.That is more than most people with a University Education are paid. It would also likely lead to country-wide unrest.

Malema also recently addressed a hall-full of suspended SANDF soldiers, who attacked the government in a riot some time ago, and in a separate incident, Marikana miners have alleged that while in jail, State Security Agency (formerly the NIA and foreign intelligence) members tortured them for information on Julius 'Juju' (Magic) Malema.

The Intelligence Services removed former President Thabo Mbeki from office, in favour of Jacob Zuma, by allowing Zuma access to private conversations of the former president during his official duties. This, with the support of the Zuma king-makers lead to Thabo Mbeki quitting under threat of impeachment. Julius Malema played a part in that ousting of Mbeki. Those same extreme left wing king-makers, have begun threatening to have Jacob Zuma ousted at the ANC conference, in messages reminiscent of what Mbeki faced.

Many Zuma opponents are calling for the state to requisition the banks, farmland, and mines. This is in accordance with a prima facie communist provision of the ANC founding Freedom Charter.

ANC Executive promise to hit striking miners and instigators with harsh penalties #Lonmin   #Marikana  as miners seek to shut down mines nearby by intimidation, death threats, force. 45 people have died since this unrest began.
EWN - Eyewitness News - No clarity on mine violence plan »
It is still not clear how government will enforce its security crackdown in the mining sector.

As protesters continue to attempt to intimidate other workers to stop working, and as socialists join effort to shut down mines, police use helicopters, stun grenades and riot tactics to disperse, chase down and arest those committing illegal mass gatherings, and intimidation!
Business Report Mobile :: Home :: Mine protesters to defy government »
Protesting Lonmin mineworkers in Rustenburg plan to defy government's warning and continue with their unprotected strike which has crippled the mining sector. “We have heard Justice Minister Jeff Rade...

Typical left wing South African Council of Churches Response. Fact is, Lonmin has always had the law on its side, and if they need to fire people who have cost them and South Africa billions, I say go ahead.

They are even saying they won't use the court order to fire workers, just yet. That is good faith.
Lonmin appears intent to fire workers - Companies | IOL Business | »
Lonmin has given its strongest indication yet of its intent to fire more than 3000 striking mineworkers after the company this week obtained a final Labour Court order declaring the strike unprotected...

Marikana workers disarmed, Lonmin offer revised »
North West police disarmed dozens of striking Marikana workers who gathered near a hill.

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