Friday, 31 August 2012

Zuma's expected replacement: Kgalema Motlanthe calls on socialists to MOBILIZE against the West and Capitalism


The SABC News Service, of the South African government, has a lot to say of Jacob Zuma addressing an Socialist International Congress. Zuma, however will address the socialists on strengthening representative democracy... a concept a bit different than one might expect to be spoken of with attendees within a socialist conference.

The real story is however the man, whom Malema and the anti-Zuma camp of the ANC want to replace Jacob Zuma with. Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe. Motlanthe, not only called on delegates to oppose western powers and their 'capitalist agenda'... no, he also said it was the responsibility of the socialists present to 'insure' that the lives of 'marginalized' people are 'improved'.

As those who want nationalization of the mines, and banks and sundry. As those same, want the full implementation of the Communist freedom charter. As those same back Motlanthe, who has just said he wants to uplift those marginalized by capitalism... and called for resistance against the 'capitalist agenda' of the 'Western Powers'... Questions as to why those same support Motlanthe... have finally been answered!

Zuma looked the Communist to those left wing powers that ignored his many wives and children. Zuma looked the communist until he was not a Communist in power. Motlanthe, is clearly the hope of the king-makers who put Zuma into power. A hope, that would bring South Africa's capitalist democracy to a swift end if implemented.

Mothlante calls for socialists to end marginalization by capitalism, and calls for fighting against the west and capitalists
SABC - Zuma to address Socialist International congress:Friday 31 August 2012 »
South Africa President Jacob Zuma will today address the Socialist International congress in Cape Town at 10 am.

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