Thursday, 18 October 2012

I just got a death threat!


So, this person: Alex Angelides starts bullying my friend on Google Plus. And gets his friends to spam me, and threaten to block me when I intervene. It seemed like Google Plus was investigating the lowlife, and I declared victory.

He (or 'Candy Sauce') then threatened murder:

 p.s. the death threat is obscene. Not for children to read. At all! Click to enlarge)!
Here's my post addressing my friend also addressed. p.s. the death threat is obscene. Not for children to read.

+Melanie Jones fyi you just got a death threat from a left wing idiot!

'Candy Saus via
20:17 (1 minute ago)

to me
Maybe you up your bleach consumption. Please, do the world a favor and remove yourself from it. Take the right wing cunt nutjob with you before someone else does in a much less... pleasant way

This message was sent to you from your Google profile. The sender does not have your email address.

If you no longer wish to receive messages from your Google profile, you may edit your settings.'
Alex Angelides - Google+ »
Alex Angelides hasn't shared anything on this page with you.

Unfortunately it doesn't end there. Alex Angelido pushed things further, playing victim and violating my copyright, prompting requests to have Melany and myself killed, from his friends:

'+Marc Aupiais Google didn't do anything because I never broke any rules. I deleted my account and came back. Don't worry though, keep believing whatever's in your head just like all the other posts you've made about me today that have all been proven wrong.'

A Death Threat from 'Lucius Nite'

'Lucius NiteYesterday 18:28  -  Public
Someone from Google seriously needs to step in and remove these guys!!'

And 'Candy Saus' having set up another Google Plus account, not only twisted her own words: a clear death threat to both Melanie and in turn against myself, but decided to attempt to defame us both in her ghetto speak. P.s. a Google Image search of her new profile links to a person linked to pornography (this old image of a woman carrying a spiked bat seems aimed at Melanie).

And her spam on my profile:

And without her supporters, who Alex the Cyberbully no doubt got to spam my profile:

According to Melanie Jones, these are seemingly the details of 'Alpha Corporation' where the cyber bully's father is CEO, and where he works. I don't trust online research, but none the less are putting the details here:

''Melanie Jones Yesterday 17:49+1
Corporate Headquarters
21351 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 200
Dulles, VA  20166
Phone: (703) 450-0800
Fax: (703) 450-0043''

After release of the details, I continued to get ill treatment from some in any case part of the attempts to spam me.

Here for instance is:


Roxie Falco

20:58  -  Public
This profile continues to bully, make false statement and harass numberous people which is a violation of terms of use . What is being done about it +Vic Gundotra '

'Another from the hate squad!

'Lucius Nite20:35  -  Public
Oh wow! Now apparently I've made a death threat lol
Go to the post, read the one comment for his source lol

This is unbelievable how Google HAS STILL NOT SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN!!!

Everyone report this profile, along with any known friends of theirs, for hateful speech.

+Alex Angelides +Joe Bolin +Crystal Mills +Natalie Villalobos +Vic Gundotra +Tiffany Elle 

Marc Aupiais - Google+ - Another Death threat for standing up to Alex Angelides of… »
Another Death threat for standing up to Alex Angelides of 'Alpha Corporation' USA. +Melanie Jones By a Mr Lucius Nite. Hope it helps get him arrested.''

another death threat assistant to note:

After her friends sent +Melanie Jones and myself death threats, has decided to lie about us to assist her criminal friends! I'd like to know when Google will take DEATH THREATS  sent through their system seriously!

'Stacy Frazer20:39 (edited)  -  Public
*This is a copy of the feedback I just sent to Google.  I'm so over the ridiculousness of it all and it needs to end.  +Vic Gundotra
+Natalie Villalobos +chee chew, while this my not be your department please direct this to the person(s) who is/are*

I'm disturbed and very annoyed that you continue to allow the cyber bullying to continue!  It's been reported, posts reported, profiles reported.  Your lack of action is an actual promotion of such behaviors!
Do something about this!

The two profiles above are two of the main perpetrators.  Bullying, calling people's employer, posting personal information about others and creating death threats and defamation of character.  I'm c/p this and posting it publicly.

Google it's time to step in.'

Another in the Google Plus Death Squad:

'Cristina Crocker23:50
Kill yourself

Cristina Crocker23:51
Do you even lift phaggot? I didn't think so. I'll curl your squat rack you pussy.'

I deleted this part after they deleted their post. It was a post attacking me as a hypocrite from the fact I was standing up, and posting this.

And given the many other threats about Melanie, it's interesting how such Cyber-bullies rely on their friends to further harm others.

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