Thursday, 30 August 2012

'Never in my life have I killed a cat' -priest says!


A Catholic Priest in Lima, Peru, had another thing coming, recently. He had to suspend Mass, as the service was disrupted by 30 vocal special interests protestors, who invaded the property and accused him of a cat 'murder'.

The parish sacristan, according to CNA, climbed on the roof to see if a cat was on it, but saw no sign. Such is the case pleaded by the parish, as protesters alleged that no one went up to rescue a cat stuck on the roof.

The Church of The Miraculous Virgin (Mary), in Lima, has in excess of one hundred stray cats wondering around. Allegedly they are overpopulated for the area, and make the church smell like urine, causing distress to couples marrying on the property. CNA claims that local residents have campaigned to have the cats removed from the area, although nothing has been done as yet.

Fr. Berrade says he has never killed a cat. The activists had to be kept at bay by police and continued their vocal and physical protest into the sensitive hours of the morning. They are said to have shouted loudly and banged on doors, as strategies to disrupt the day and to have continued their strategy late into the night.

There is no news of whether the over 100 stray cats also made unrelated noise into the early morning, although such is likely already a nightly occurrence where over 100 stray cats prowl a small area.

Clearly the feline friends, have been the centre of much controversy.

'“Never in my life have I killed a cat,” he said. “If they said falsehoods against Christ, we also should expect that they slander his disciples.”'
Animal rights activists disrupt Mass, accuse priest of 'murdering' cat :: Catholic News Agency (CNA) »
Lima, Peru, Aug 29, 2012 / 11:38 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A group of animal rights activists disrupted Mass at the Church of the Miraculous Virgin in Lima, Peru, lobbing insults against the priest who was...

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