Sunday, 11 November 2012



The Commission for the Protection and Promotion of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities is looking to remove Christmas and Good Friday from the Public Holiday schedule. Their choice has not been announced, but ACDP is making a Christian voice heard on the alleged plans to go ahead and ban Christmas. The recommendations on whether to ban Christmas and Good Friday, from the Commission are due in January. The Decision is up to the ANC, who have previously planned to ban Christmas and Good Friday, but withdrew due to public outcry.

As the body told to relook at the public holidays act, to see if Christmas and Good Friday should be done away with, has apparently acted oddly towards some Christian submissions to keep Christmas and Good Friday as holidays, a fire-storm has erupted.

The first sign of dissatisfaction is the fact that the ACDP has launched a march through the streets of Johannesburg, only to be patronised by Pandor (aptly named lass). The ACDP will continue marches until the government promises not to steal Christmas, and ignore good Friday. Most of South Africa's public holidays celebrate figures in the ANC, and thus are not noted by a majority of people. Christmas and Good Friday are important to 79.5% Christian South Africa. The ACDP says it is also upset about past decisions to remove Ascension Thursday from the Public Calendar, and the choice to remove prayer (probably also a reference to the sad removal of hymns by government) from schools.

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