Monday, 3 September 2012

Man faces 2 years in jail, for the crime of French kissing his girlfriend!


In Taiwan... a 40 year old man, by the name of Mr Chan, presumptuously invited his 30 year old girlfriend of  5 months' courting, to his apartment. He had something presumptuous planned for the night, something out there. Something daring, which his girlfriend, upon dumping him, linked to pornographic contents.

Chan, asked Tsai permission. He wanted to share a first kiss. She didn't answer. She didn't say no... the presumptuous man, took it as a sign, and took the opportunity, to stick his tongue into the mouth of Ms Tsai.

This, is the story, that the police alleged. Ms Tsai, broke up, with the Presumptuous Mr Chan, and filed charges of Sexual Harassment with the police. Things have soured faster than the taste of a lemon in with a bad crowd. Mr Chan, who faces 2 years in jail, or a £21,093 knock to his financial standing, has hit back hard.

The presumptuous Mr Chan, alleges that he is not befitting that epithet at all. He says that Ms Tsai, received no such kiss. The inaffectionate Mr Chan, says: rather, his mate (Not the French version... perhaps Australian 'mate') of 5 months, is attempting to blackmail him for money.

Such is a common defence in other countries... in rape trials.

below: the Daily Mail. Their source is Johannesburg based paper: 'Sowetan Live'.

'Who the hell uses his tongue on the first kiss' man arrested for Frenching his girlfriend! via @MailOnline

The Daily Mail using a South African website, as a source on a Taiwanese incident... this can't end well;)!~

+Daily Mail  brilliant story p.s.!
Daily Mail originally shared this post:
An amorous man's attempts to steal a kiss has ended in a disaster - with not only his girlfriend dumping him and charged with sexual harassment.
'Who the hell uses his tongue on the first kiss?' Woman's fury after boyfriend tried to give her a French kiss (and now he's been charged with sexual harassment) »
The 40-year-old man was charged in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for allegedly employing the French style in kissing his girlfriend of five months for the first time, media reports said (picture posed by models)...

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