Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Wikileaks reveals a monstrous, dangerous, criminal America? -New York Times justifies wikileaks choice while our service slates their stance as prejudiced

Note from SACNS

The New York Times, in a piece admits to an editorial bias in what is said and how, and what is published. The New York Times also admit to have gained the Wikileaks documents without Wikileaks' permission- from the guardian paper. They admit the founders of the US strongly opposed big government, even though they often promote it. They admit that the Obama administration, though not Wikileaks (claiming this would be a conflict of interests) were given access to what they had to say. They are also publishing only 100 of the documents with justification according to the New York Times.

From SACNS some context based on Wikileaks accusations not in dispute by the US government: America has abused the location of the UN and their power- to get their diplomats, really spies to spy on important players, steal finger prints and bank account details- of top ranking UN officials.

According to Wikileaks- the US government had full knowledge of a Georgian attempt of Genocide before it happened, and still allowed Russia to be blamed for attempting to stop ethnic cleansing (RT reports).

It is American policy to use human rights only as an excuse and to only pursue its own agendas- against human rights.

The Arab nations around Iran have all asked America to invade their neighbour (anyone who like me monitors military spending and equipment could say this anyway).

America has shown a direct interest in who and what has power in foreign governments, called the French President The Naked Emperor, claimed Putin saw himself as Alpha Dog, the new head of Russian government was Robin to his Batman, called Merkel of Germany Teflon, and insulted foreign officials all around.

Massive human rights abuses and conflicts of interest from America have appeared in previous releases.

In contrast to their care for a Democratic Party president and his administration, the New York Times, did not even fact check claims against the Roman Catholic Church.

SACNS believes the Wikileaks organisation claims are almost certainly accurate.

See what the New York Times said

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